Abbot Kinney would have been impressed! Spanning more than a century, various plans for a commercial port in the Venice-Playa del Rey area led to the creation of a world-class manmade recreational harbor. Marina del Rey’s construction required federal, state and county support, and could only have happened during our nation’s post-WWII era of infrastructure.

Marina del Rey Historical Society’s mission is to acquire, preserve and present the archives, photos and story of Marina del Rey. In 2013, MDRHS opened its History Gallery in Fisherman’s Village, presenting an ongoing exhibit of Marina del Rey’s creation. In 2014, MDRHS authored Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America: Marina del Rey”. In April of 2015, MDRHS played a key role in the three-day celebration of Marina del Rey’s 50th Birthday Bash. In September, 2017, Marina del Rey Historical Society celebrated its 10th anniversary. Since its founding in 2007, Marina del Rey Historical Society’s robust collection of photos, media, and archives has grown exponentially.

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