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Sponsors and Donors Urgently Needed!!!

Dear Members, Friends, and Archivists,

The Marina del Rey Historical Society (MdRHS) serves Marina del Rey as a primary local source of the area’s historical archives and information.  In order to showcase the exhibits and historical resource of our community in our Fisherman’s Village gallery, continued funding and community involvement is needed.

Community involvement is the key.  We are reaching out to everyone to ensure that our historical archives are accessible to those who live here and to those who visit our community that have an interest in the Marina’s heritage.

Dedicated in 1965, Marina del Rey at 57 years old, is one of the youngest communities in Los Angeles.  However, the rich history of the Marina is not well known.  We are amazed at the number of local residents who visit the gallery and tell us they were unaware of the area’s history.

To further Marina del Rey Historical Society’s educational history and outreach to the broader population, continuous funding is necessary.

All donations receive a limited 50th Anniversary Pin, donations of $100.00 receive a FREE 8.5 x 11 photo, donations of $500.00 receive a FREE 11 x 17 photo, donations of $1,000.00 or more receive a FREE 16 x 20.  To choose your photo visit the MdRHS gallery in Fisherman’s Village or our website at www.marinadelreyhistoricalsociety.org

Please help by donating, and spreading the word.

Howard Wenger
Marina del Rey Historical Society
(424) 391-6976
History Preserved – History Remembered


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This is our primary focus and if you have a passion for history and like conversing with others about preserving the Marina’s heritage, then we would love to have you join us.

We are seeking Volunteers and Local Archivists, also, if you are an Intern working toward being a Historical Steward and need hours towards your graduation, then here are some of the areas we could use your help and expertise…

Membership outreach

Archivist – Organization of our Archives.

Community Functions – Booth operations at local and major events.

Fundraising – Organize and assist at various fundraisers.

Grant Writer – Find and write for funding on local, state, and federal levels

Newsletter & Publicity – Provide content for web-site, newsletters, flyers and Social Media platforms for promotions and events.

Tech Support – Update and add content for our web-site and Social Media platforms.

Please leave your information below, or contact Howard at (424) 391-6976.

Howard Wenger

Howard Wenger

Marina del Rey Historical Society at Fisherman's Village

Marina del Rey Historical Society at Fisherman's Village

Willie Hjorth and Marina del Rey Historical Society Exhibit at ArtSea

Willie Hjorth and Marina del Rey Historical Society Exhibit at ArtSea


Marina del Rey History via ZOOM!

Marina del Rey Historical Society presented a MARINA DEL REY HISTORY ZOOM event with David Maury, January 13, 2021, hosted by Del Rey Yacht Club (parts 1 and 2): Part 1: https://youtu.be/_ndRdtg3YaU . Part 2: https://youtu.be/uBpKkjrM5bs  

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Marina del Rey Historical Society (MdRHS) has been the community’s leading curator of Marina del Rey-related historical photos, slides, documents, newspaper and magazine articles, memorabilia and recorded oral histories. Since its inception in 2007,  MdRHS has...

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Why Preserve the History of Marina del Rey?

Despite failed attempts spanning decades, the vision of a developed harbor at Playa del Rey inlet persisted over many decades.  What finally emerged in the early 1960‘s was worth the wait. With a staggering eight miles of crafted waterfront encompassing 400 acres of...

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Christine Rohde

CHRISTINE ‘CRIS’ ROHDE    passed away on September 7, losing her battle with cancer. A longtime Marina del Rey resident and community leader, Ms. Rohde served on the board of directors for Marina del Rey’s Holiday Boat Parade, Marina del Rey Historical Society, Santa...

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Academic intern and researcher Anna Parmalee

This past Fall 2019, Marina del Rey Historical Society welcomed academic intern and researcher Anna Parmelee. Anna had been attending Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, completing her Master of Arts degree in Curatorial and Museum Studies with specific core focus...

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The work of the Society can continue only with your generosity. Please donate today:


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