Seeking Volunteers and Local Archivists

History preserved; history remembered! 

This is our primary focus and if you have a passion for history and like conversing with others about preserving the Marina’s heritage, then we would love to have you join us.

We are seeking Volunteers and Local Archivists, also, if you are an Intern working toward being a Historical Steward and need hours towards your graduation, then here are some of the areas we could use your help and expertise…

Archivist – Organization of our Archives.

Community Functions – Booth operations at local and major events.

Fundraising – Organize and assist at various fundraisers.

Grant Writer – Find and write for funding on local, state, and federal levels

 Newsletter & Publicity – Provide content for web-site, newsletters, flyers and Social Media platforms for promotions and events.

 Tech Support – Update and add content for our web-site and Social Media platforms.

Please leave your information below, or contact Howard at (424) 391-6976.

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